Connecting Bridge Built In Velodrome Station

PT. LRT Jakarta builds bridge to connect LRT station with Transjakarta bus shelter in Velodrome Station, East Jakarta. According to plan, this bridge construction will be completed in February 2019.

PT. LRT Jakarta’s Project Director, Iwan Takwin explained, this connecting bridge is built until Dukuh Atas bus shelter to integrate LRT station with Transjakarta bus shelter.

Regarding this project, his side has coordinated with PT. Transjakarta, Transportation Department (Dishub) and Bina Marga Department.

“We have constructed its foundation. This bridge is targeted to complete by the end of February,” he said, Thursday (1/10).

He explained, this 150-meter bridge is expected to facilitate people who want to continue their trip from LRT to Transjakarta bus that leads to Dukuh Atas shelter.

“We will continue to adjust Transjakarta bus shelter extension in order to facilitate LRT passengers,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta