Communication Ministry to facilitate provincial ambassadors to Asian Games

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo) will bear the transportation and accommodation costs for 64 people elected to become “Indonesian Supporters Ambassadors” from all provinces in Indonesia to attend the 2018 Asian Games Opening.

“In fact, the Kemkominfo will provide full support for the dissemination, publication, and information about the 2018 Asian Games,” Director General of Information and Public Communication of Kemkominfo Rosarita Niken Widyastuti stated here on Tuesday.

In connection with the dissemination of information regarding the prestigious sports event, Widyastuti remarked that the Kemkominfo has an Indonesian Supporters Ambassador application program that can be downloaded via android.

The application will feature a daily quiz that can be followed by the public, so that later two winners of the quizzes can be announced for each province in the country.

Until now, the application has been used by more than 800 thousand people and tens of thousands of Indonesians, who have expressed their willingness to be ambassadors for the 2018 Asian Games supporters program.

In addition to the Indonesian Supporters Ambassadors program, the ministry has organized a Gate and Village Contest based on the design of the Asian Games and the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The photos will then be sent to the Asian Games Archway Competition application. The winners in each province will also be facilitated to attend the opening or watch events at several 2018 Asian Games sports venues,” Rosarita remarked on the sidelines of attending the Asian Games torch parade in Denpasar.

As part of the series of activities to enliven the Asian Games, the Kemkominfo also held a Peoples Party with several competitions, such as dance competitions, online photo competitions, and trivia games.

Source: ANTARA News