City to Develop Five B3 Disposal Facilities

City Environment Department is set to develop five temporary disposal facilities for hazardous and toxic waste (B3) in the near future.

Jakarta Environment Department’s Cleanup Handling Section Head, Ahmad Hariadi said they would be realized in five cities.

“Four units will be made at sub-district level and the other one is for city level in Central Jakarta,” he said, Friday (1/25).

Those four units that spend Rp 1.1 billion will be developed on a 24-square meter width land. While for one unit will be developed on a 80-square-meter width land by spending Rp 586 million. Its work includes supporting facilities.

“We execute them in June and it is targeted to be finished in November,” he stated.

“If it happens, we’ll have 14 units this year. Last year we only made five units for sub-district level and other four units for city level,” he uttered.

Source: Berita Jakarta