City Council: Education System Needs Improvement

Jakarta Council (DPRD) receives a formal hearing or audience of Jakarta Lecturers Brotherhood Regional Board (DPWPD).

This audience was held to equalize their perception in developing education’s quality, quantity and standard in Jakarta.

According to Syahrial, Jakarta DPRD Commission E Chairman, Jakarta Government and Jakarta DPWPD should improve teachers quality for better education.

“Various things need to be improved. Such as quality of the teachers, infrastructures and facilities. But the most important is, we need to improve our education system,” he assessed, Tuesday (1/15).

Meanwhile, Jakarta DPWPD Committee Head, Agus Sofwan declares his readiness to collaborate with Jakarta Government and DPRD thus education quality in Jakarta could be improved.

“We are supposed to collaborate. Before, we also review about college and teacher’s roles to improve education,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta