City Asked to Submit Academic Paper of 18 Draft Bylaws

Jakarta Council (DPRD) asks Jakarta Provincial Government to soon submit academic paper of 18 draft bylaws that have been listed in the Local Regulation Forming Program (Propemperda).

Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairperson, Mohammad Taufik is committed that to complete those drafts into bylaw along with the executive.

“We ask that the academic paper be immediately handed over to us,” he expressed, Thursday (1/24).

Those 18 draft bylaws are;

1. Draft bylaw about responsibility of APBD 2018

2. Draft bylaw about amendment of APBD 2018

3. Draft bylaw about APBD 2020

4. Draft bylaw: bylaw amendment number 16/2010 about parking tax

5. Draft bylaw number 15/2010 about streetlight tax

6. Draft bylaw number 18/2010 about building and land acquisition tax.

7. Draft bylaw number 1/2014 about spatial planning and zoning regulation

8. Draft bylaw about implementation and management of education

9. Draft bylaw about social responsibility and CSR

10. Draft bylaw about electronic road pricing

11. Draft bylaw about local goods management

12. Draft bylaw: second amendment number 3/2012 about local retribution

13. Draft bylaw about population and civil registration

14. Draft bylaw about disability protection

15. Draft bylaw about land spatial planning, coastal area and small islands.

16. Draft bylaw about local health system

17. Draft bylaw about no smoking area, and

18. Draft bylaw about underground utilization

Source: Berita Jakarta