Citizens Happy with Piknik Park on Jalan Manunggal II

The Piknik Park, which is located on Jalan Manunggal II, RW 06, Cipinang Melayu, Makasar, East Jakarta is very enthused by loacl citizens with family, friends and relatives for recreation.

Nasuha (42), a citizen of RT 11/06 Cipinang Melayu, stated that he could come up to two or three times every week.

“The park is also often used for refreshing, silaturahmi (friendly gathering) while waiting for the child to go home from school. Moreover its location is close to my home,” he expressed, Monday (3/18).

Lately most visitors are mothers who bring children and families.

Similar statement also came out from Riani (35). She and her child very enjoyed playing in the park. Besides having the means to play, it is also planted with various types of plants.

“I usually come in afternoon to play or selfie with my child,” she said.

Source: Berita Jakarta