Ciracas Residents Get Rabies Education

As we know, an education on methods for preventing rabies will play a more important role in eradicating the disease, as it involves residents at all ages.

This action is directly taken by East Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security Sub-Department Head, Yuli Absari and her ranks to share rabies education on residents living in RT 08/08, Ciracas Urban Village, Tuesday (1/8).

Its implementation that is based on Bylaw No. 11/2995 on Supervision of Animal Spread Rabies is attended by 40 people from RT/RW caretakers, integrated health care (Posyandu) cadres, family movement association (PKK) cadres, urban village staffs, Satpol PP officers, etc.

“Participants here are hoped able to spread information about rabies for the sake of public health,” she stated.

In addition, this activity is coupled with rabies vaccination service that is targeting 20 animals.

“Therefore the pet owners are urged to come to the offices of East Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security Sub-Department or Sub-district Executing Unit to conduct vaccination for free,” she uttered.

As for the information, based on the latest data, since 2004, the capital is free from rabies and is still maintained until now.

Source: Berita Jakarta