China dominates tourist arrivals in North Sulawesi

Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – China remained the leading source of foreign tourist arrivals in the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi in September 2018.

A total of 11,182 Chinese tourists had visited the province last September, accounting for 87.84 percent of the overall tourist arrivals in that month, Chief of the Statistics and Distribution Section of the Central Statistics Agency Office in North Sulawesi, Marthedy Tenggehi noted here on Saturday.

Germany came in second with 321 tourists, or 2.52 percent; followed by the United States, with 125 tourists, or 0.98 percent; the Netherlands, with 116 visitors, or 0.91 percent; Britain, with 106 tourists, or 0.83 percent; and Singapore, with 105 tourists, or 0.82 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists from Japan reached 98, or 0.77 percent; 86 travelers from Australia, or 0.68 percent; 74 visitors from Malaysia, or 0.58 percent; and 65 from Hong Kong, or 0.51 percent.

Source: ANTARA News