Children In Jelambar Receive School Uniform Aid

Residents of RW 08, Jelambar Urban Village, Grogol Petamburan Sub-district, West Jakarta that were hit by fire last Friday, especially children, have been given school uniform aid.

Jelambar Urban Village Head, Ambari stated that the most priority aid now is school uniform, as it is the first day of school after long holiday.

“Each child gets four sets of school uniform,” he expressed, Monday (1/7).

Even he has coordinated with Uripasih, Head of West Jakarta Education II Sub-department to send books and stationery, as well as to open counseling services to make children free from trauma.

“We also request burnt education documents can be soon taken care of,” he stressed.

Along with the related unit, the joint post is also set up to process other important documents belonging the victims.

“Just come to our post proposing documents such as family card, birth certificate, id card, and land certificate,” he told.

As for the information, 53 children comprising 12 students of Kindergarten, 27 students of elementary school 11 students of junior high school, and 3 students of senior high school who were affected by the fire.

Source: Berita Jakarta