Channels On Jalan Denpasar III And IV Normalized

Dozens of officers are deployed to clean up mud in water channels on Jalan Denpasar III and IV, Kuningan Timur Urban Village, Setiabudi, South Jakarta in a bid to minimize puddles when it rains.

Setiabudi Sub-district Water Resources Executing Unit Head, Agus Bowo Leksono stated that these channels are normalized up to 785 meters length with 40 centimeters width.

Thus far those officers have picked up 1,250 sacks of mud.

“We also make a sodetan (shortcut) to smoothen water flow, as the channel on Jalan Denpasar III was covered by a collapsed sheetpile,” he expressed.

Its sodetan is made up to 15 meters with two meters width.

Source: Berita Jakarta