Challenges in dealing with terrorism growing: Foreign minister

The challenges being faced by countries fighting terrorism are growing, Indonesias Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said.

The minister made the statement during the plenary session of the seventh Ministerial Meeting of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF) in New York on Wednesday.

“The challenges of the world in the face of the threat of terrorism are not getting smaller, but greater,” said Foreign Minister Retno, as stated in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here on Thursday.

The GCTF meeting was held on the sidelines of a summit meeting of the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, the United States.

At the meeting, Retno asserted that international cooperation is a must in facing the challenges of extremism and terrorism.

Retno said each country cannot cope alone with the threat of terrorists, who have cross-border networks and access to more advanced communication technology.

“There is no other choice for the international community than to cooperate more closely in the fight against terrorism,” she stated.

According to Retno, the basic problem faced in the context of extremism and terrorism is often associated with mindset and ideology.

Extremism and terrorism are not related to the issues of religion, nationality, civilization or ethnicity, she added.

“It is a challenge and our job is to change the mindset and ideology of the extremists,” Retno stressed.

Furthermore, the foreign minister proposed three steps that are needed to strengthen the strategy in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Firstly, countries need to take a narrative counter step through social media in the fight against extremism and terrorism, because the spread of extremist ideology is quickly carried through social media.

“Hence, there is a need for international cooperation to launch narrative counters. There is no choice for us but to cooperate to fight extremism on social media,” said Retno.

Secondly, international cooperation is needed to launch a global movement to encourage moderation and tolerance. Related to that, the international community should encourage moderates to speak to the general public.

“The international community can work together to encourage moderation and tolerance, both nationally and internationally,” said the Foreign Minister.

Thirdly, the role of women should be empowered to promote a culture of moderation and tolerance. As mothers, women have a key role in instilling the culture and ideology of moderation and tolerance in children and young people, who will shape society in the future.

“Women must be empowered and included in efforts to encourage the culture of moderation and a tolerant society,” said Retno.

GCTF is an international forum made up of 29 countries and the European Union, with the goal of reducing vulnerability to the threat of terrorism through prevention, combating and investigation of terrorism and efforts to combat terrorist recruitment.

The forum was attended by experts and practitioners from different countries, who shared their knowledge and expertise for developing a strategy in the face of terrorist threats that continue to evolve.

Source: Antara News