Central Java immigration deports 37 foreigners

Magelang (ANTARA) – The Central Java immigration authorities have sent back 37 foreign nationals to their countries of origin during the Jan-Mar 2019 period over violation of immigration laws, a spokesman noted.

“We have deported 37 foreign nationals until March 2019,” Chief of the Central Java Immigration Division of the Law and Human Rights Ministry Ramli H. S. stated here on Tuesday.

The duo from Malaysia and Yemen are awaiting a pro justitia process.

The Central Java immigration office had, in 2018, deported 197 foreigners without a pro justitia process, while nine others were subject to a pro justitiia process

The cause for deportation of some of the 37 foreigners was overstaying in the area despite their visas having expired, while the others were in the net for abuse of their immigration permits, he revealed.

Ramli remarked that 525 foreigner supervisory teams were currently in place in the province comprising 32 district-level teams and 493 sub-district level teams.

Some 925 foreign nationals are currently staying in the jurisdiction of the Immigration Office in Cilacap, 412 in the jurisdiction of the Pemalang Immigration Office, 2,261 in the jurisdiction of the Semarang Immigration Office, 542 in the jurisdiction of the Pati Immigration Office, 872 in the jurisdiction of the Surakarta Immigration Office, and 267 in the jurisdiction of the Wonosobo Immigration Office.

Some 4,395 foreign nationals presently hold stay permits in Central Java comprising 1,052 Chinese, 571 Koreans, 305 Thai, 278 Indians, 226 Filipinos, and 1,753 from 115 other nations.

Source: ANTARA News