Central Jakarta KPKP Plans To Add 50 Locations For Urban Farming

Central Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-department plans to add 50 locations for urban farming in Central Jakarta.

“We will focus to do urban farming in RPTRA, schools, and communities such as farmer community,” mentioned Bayu Sari Hastuti, Central Jakarta KPKP Sub-department Head, Saturday (1/12).

Residents who are interested to make their location to be urban agricultural areas can propose to the local urban village. Her side will do survey to the location based on report from urban village administrators.

Central Jakarta KPKP Sub-department ensures to improve quality of urban farming crops and sells it via bazaars.

“We will hold bazaars and sell urban farming crops to wider communities through bazaars,” she said.

Source: Berita Jakarta