Central Jakarta Gives Adipura Socialization

The Adipura socilization is held in the Sawah Besar Sub-district office, which is attended by all urban village representatives and communities.

It is focused on garbage management, which is an important aspect in the assessment of Adipura.

“We tell about the making of a balance sheet document for reducing garbage from the source at the sub-district level. After that, its document will be sent to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry,” expressed Community Role and Legal Arrangement Section Head, Mahpud, Monday (3/18).

Each region must be active in managing garbage from the source, especially via garbage bank and composter program.

“Thus far Central Jakarta already has 191 banks, yet its major is in Rawasari area,” he told.

Therefore all people are encouraged to execute a mandate of Bylaw No. 3/2013 on Garbage Management.

“If we are serious, we’ll win the Adipura award,” he stressed.

Environmental Care Community Forum (Formapel) Head, Alex Siagian added that 3R procedure (reduce, reuse and recycle) should be implemented in all regions covering the Adipura point to reduce garbage up to 20 percent.

“We need collaboration between the government and community to keep the environment clean,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta