Central government welcomes idea to develop Disneyland in Boyolali

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The central government, represented by Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, has welcomed the idea to develop Disneyland in Boyolali, Central Java, which is expected to offer wide-ranging benefits to the communities residing in the surrounding areas.

“Indonesia is wide open to investments that have multiplier effects on the regions development,” Anung stated at the presidential palace complex on Monday.

The palaces approval for building Disneyland or other world-class amusement parks aims to bring about an economic improvement in the local areas, including Boyolali.

Moreover, Boyolalis strategic location near the investment triangle covering Solo, Klaten, and Yogyakarta is believed to hold potential for greater development.

“Developing Disneyland is a considerably large investment. We are really open to the idea and expect it to be truly realized,” Anung noted.

According to Boyolali Regent Seno Samodro, the theme park will be entirely funded by foreign investment reaching a total of around Rp6 trillion.

He said the construction work will be started in September 2017 and is estimated to be completed in two years.

Disneyland in Boyolali will be built on 100 hectares of land, or equivalent to 133 soccer fields.

If the project becomes a reality, it will be the fourth Disney-themed amusement park in Asia after Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Source: Antara News