Captain I Wayan Dipta statue inaugurated in Bali

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The statue of Captain I Wayan Dipta has been inaugurated in Gianyar, Bali, to immortalize the Indonesian national hero’s struggle while fighting for the country’s independence.

The statue was inaugurated on Tuesday (April 12, 2022), which marks the death anniversary of Dipta, who served as the Commander of Youth of the Republic of Indonesia (PRI). Dipta led the movement to push for Indonesia’s independence in Gianyar district in Bali.

“After (a demand for the statue was) voiced by the families of heroes and veterans, finally, the statue of Captain I Wayan Dipta stands majestically at the western end of the Darmagiri Gianyar Bypass,” Gianyar district head I Made Mahayastra said, according to a press release issued in Gianyar on Friday.

“We inaugurate this monument to emphasize that the spirit of Captain I Wayan Dipta never died. His spirit, struggle, and ambition have always lived on in Gianyar. If he used to fight for independence, now we fight against ignorance, poverty, and so on,” Mahayastra remarked.

Earlier, a football stadium in Gianyar bore the name of Captain I Wayan Dipta.

“I, as the extended family of Captain I Wayan Dipta, express my deepest gratitude to the Gianyar district head who has heard our aspirations. This means that with the statue’s establishment, we still remember the struggle of Gianyar,” Ketut Sri Handayani, an extended family member of Captain Dipta, said.

Handayani invited the younger generation to imbibe the spirit of Captain I Wayan Dipta in building the country.

One day after his birthday, Dipta was arrested and shot to death. Even after his death, his fire still ignites the spirit of the Gianyar community.

The inauguration of the statue on Tuesday was accompanied by several performances such as the singing of the national anthem, the creation of murals, and other activities based on Indonesia’s fight for independence.

Source: Antara News