Butterfly Park, New Public Space In Cipinang Melayu

There is new public space called Butterfly Park at RT 11/06, Cipinang Melayu, Makasar, East Jakarta which is used for social interaction and education. This park is built by local urban village on 4,000 square meters land.

Cipinang Melayu Urban Village Head, Syahrul Munir said, his idea to build Butterfly Park is came from Infrastructures and Public Facilities Maintenance Agency (PPSU) personnel who conveyed that they have seen many butterflies in that land.

“We intend to make it Butterfly Park since we saw many butterflies with different types and colors in this open space land,” he conveyed, Friday (1/4).

This park is in form of net house as wide as 100 square meters with height 4 meters. Net covering is used to reduce heat from direct sunlight.

Various decorative plants are planted there, such as lantana camara, bougainvillea, bengal clock vine, white daisy, rose, and others. It is also beautified with one hundred butterflies with various types such as buckeye, nymphalidae, catopsilia, and papilio machaon.

In order to make it more naturally, PPSU personnel caught some wild birds and put them in a 4×4 meters bird cage.

“We build this park to conserve the nature and ecosystem while it also used as educational facility for students,” he added.

He considered school age children should be introduced to butterflies, including its metamorphosis. Until now, this park has been visited by students from different early childhood education school (PAUD)s in Cipinang Melayu for educational purpose.

Source: Berita Jakarta