Bus drivers undergo BNN’s urine test for safe Eid exodus


The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) conducted urine testing on bus drivers at the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, Jakarta, in a bid to ensure a safe Eid al-Fitr homecoming exodus.

“The objective is to prevent (traffic) accidents from occurring, so that people, who partake in the exodus, can depart safely and return home safely,” Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau at the BNN, Brig. Gen. Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono, stated at the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal here on Wednesday.

According to Hartono, urine testing for every driver or ship captain is a regular activity that his agency holds, especially ahead of Eid al-Fitr.

The objective is to ensure that all drivers are healthy and not under the influence of drugs.

Head of the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, Yulza Ramadhoni, stated that since urine testing was conducted at the start of preparations for the Eid homecoming, no driver was detected with any indications of drug use.

He expressed optimism that the bus drivers were in good health to serve homecomers during their journey.

In addition to urine testing, the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal provides a health post that drivers and homecomers can utilize to check their health.

The blood pressure and blood sugar levels of the drivers are checked, so that they can be declared fit for duty.

“We have examined all the drivers that will depart from the Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal. We ensure that so far, none of them had been indicated of using illegal drugs, and the result is they are in normal condition,” Ramadhoni remarked.

Apart from checking the health of bus drivers, the BNN also brought a team of sniffer dogs to check the travelers’ belongings to ensure drug-free trips, and so far, no homecomers have been caught carrying drugs.

Source: Antara News