“Bukit Kasih” festival becomes annual agenda

Minahasa, North Sulawesi, (ANTARA News) – The Minahasa district government in the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi has turned the “Bukit Kasih” (hill of love) Festival into an annual official agenda.

“This festival has been a fixed agenda of the Minahasa district government in order to support tourism programs and preserve the arts and culture of the region,” Minahasa District Culture and Tourism Office Chief Agustivo Tumundo remarked in Tondano on Saturday.

Hence, Tumundo noted that his side had lauded all parties involved in the implementation of the festival and several parties that participated in the Minahasa typical gymnastics creation competition staged during the festival.

“We are grateful for the Minahasa-style gymnastics creative contest participants from the district government, banking, and police ranks,” he stated.

In the meantime, Minahasa Acting District Head Royke Mewoh expressed hope that the Bukit Kasih Festival would support the tourism sector in the region.

“Tourism is one of the leading sectors both from the North Sulawesi provincial government and in the Minahasa district government,” Mewoh stated.

Furthermore, he noted that the Bukit Kasih Festival will have a positive impact on the development of tourism in Minahasa District.

Source: ANTARA News