BPRD Distributes Aid For Tsunami Victims In Kampung Kalapa Koneng

As many as 50 kitchen packages are distributed for 48 tsunami victims located in Kampung Kalapa Koneng, Banyu Asih Village, Cigeulis Sub-district, Tanjung Lesung, Labuan, Banten. The effort was done by Jakarta Tax and Local Retribution Agency (BPRD), Tuesday (1/8).

Gambir UPPRD Head, Edy Kusmana as the team leader, said BPRD gives kitchen packages.

“It is the form of Jakarta BPRD employees’ concern in helping others who are affected by disaster,” he conveyed.

Package contains of gas stove, gas cylinder, kitchen stove, plate, glass, blanket, rice, two 6×8 meters tents, and seven water dispensers. Those stuffs will be transported using five cars and two vans.

“Hopefully this aid could ease burden of tsunami victims in Kampung Kelapa Koneng,” he added.

Source: Berita Jakarta