Bolster women’s involvement in economic development: Deputy Minister


Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Mahendra Siregar opined that women’s involvement in the national and global economic development still needs to be pushed.

“We know that women’s participation in the economy is not only to improve the quality of families and assuring their children’s future but also to improve the economy at the national level,” Siregar stated during the “Resilient Women in Sustainable Export” webinar organized by Indonesia Eximbank and observed here on Friday.

The deputy minister noted that over 2.7 billion women worldwide do not have the liberty to select the employment of their choice and are often compelled to take up work in the informal or also unpaid sectors.

On an average, women employees globally also received 37-percent lower wages than their male counterparts, he pointed out.

Moreover, only 60 percent of the women worldwide could access financial banking services, and only 40 percent of women could access social protection programs, the deputy minister remarked.

Siregar then expressed his endorsement of efforts made by the Indonesia Eximbank to encourage women entrepreneurs that engaged in export activities to establish the Community Development for Women Empowerment.

“Within the community, concrete measures, such as training in export, management, technical assistance, as well as support in export facilities, market access, and financial access, particularly for women exporters, have been conceived,” he noted.

The deputy minister also affirmed Indonesia’s continued support to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment at the global level, such as by promoting the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

“It is clear that at the international stage, we are supporting measures to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality,” Siregar stated.

Source: Antara News