BNPT, US delegation discuss counter-terrorism

The head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT), Commissioner General Suhardi Alius, met with a US delegation on the sidelines of the 2nd Summit International Meeting for Counter Terrorism in Nusa Dua, Bali on Tuesday.

Commissioner Suhardi Alius was flanked by the deputy for international cooperation, Inspector General Petrus Golose, in the meeting while the US delegation included the coordinator for counter terrorism of the state department, Justin Siberell, the consul for political affairs of the US embassy, Mark Clark, and the special staff for politics, Geneve Mencher.

“The Indonesian government still monitors and anticipates the movements of terrorist groups, especially sympathizers of ISIS. The effort is aimed at preventing any possibilities of attacks or actions by the ISIS,” Suhardi said in a press statement.

He stated that the ISIS has been actively spreading propaganda and almost all the terrorist acts that have happened in the world were carried out by the ISIS. In 2016, they had masterminded two suicide bombing incidents in Indonesia, namely one on January 14 at Thamrin Boulevard, Jakarta, and another at a police station in Surakarta, Central Java, a day before Eid.

He explained that the ISIS movement in Indonesia is being controlled by Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian citizen now living in Raqqa, Syria. He is one of the ISIS iconic leaders in Indonesia and continues to mobilize foot soldiers through his network in the country.

“Bahrun Naim is the mastermind behind ISIS actions in Indonesia. Right now, through various kinds of propaganda, he is continuing to threaten the security forces in Indonesia,” Suhardi added.

Besides discussing latest developments as far as terrorism threats in various countries were concerned, especially those related to the presence of foreign terrorists, they also discussed Indonesias experience in preventing radicalism and terrorism through soft (prevention) and hard (repression) approach.

Suhardi noted that Indonesia would continue to use both these approaches besides seeking international cooperation to deal with terrorism.

Justin Siberrel expressed appreciation for the measures taken by BNPT in overcoming terrorism. He observed that the concept was worth emulating by the international community to prevent and thwart terrorism.

Source: Antara News