BKIM Dedicated KHAWARIZMI for New Students of 53rd of IPB

Body of Student Islamic Chaplaincy (BKIM), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) provided different offerings to the new students of 53rd batch. The offerings were presented through the routine event named KHAWARIZMI “Key to Have New Great Creations as Moslem” in RK AGB 2.01, the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of IPB, Saturday (3/9).

Chief Executive, Bayu Dwi Pangestu, held this event intentionally addressed to the new students, so that the new seeds of IPB could work in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The topic about the work was customized with the name of the generation of “Garda Adhikarya”.

In this talk show, attending three great speakers namely Husain Assadi, S.P., M.Si., the CEO of Disainku and the Chairman of #YukNgajiID Community; Ilham Satyabudi, the Silver Medal Winner in the National Sudent Science Week (Pimnas) 2016 through the innovation of Aplikasi Ayosensor; and Rizki Maha Putra, the Chairman of BKIM 2015-2016.

Ilham Satyabudi as the student who had successfully produced the work of “Integrated Porn Autocensor” shared his experiences and invited to work with the correct destination, namely beneficial for the community and in accordance with the teachings of Islam. “With this, Allah will always help us in the process of producing works,” he said.

Rizki Maha Putra agreed with Ilham. He added the good pleasure of Allah should accompany when we made this work. “The three points should be the reference in the work, especially for Muslim students,” he said.

Not much different from the third speaker, Husain Assadi, S.P., M.Si., known as the teacher of Ustadz Felix Siauw, submitted the tips or the provisions in the works, among others having a clear objective, a commitment, achieving the goodness, and increasing the value. He advised that he could make the ‘Living Proposal’ both with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

Short talk show was increasingly interactive as the participants enthusiastically asked. The event was ended with a sharing with the mentor of the board of BKIM about the continuation study of the material of the talk show and others. (IM)

Source: Bogor Agricultural University.