BI opens first border corner in Indonesia

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – The West Kalimantan Bank Indonesia Representative Office opened the first BI border corner in Indonesia, precisely at the Jagoi Babang 1 Public High School, Bengkayang District.

“The BI Corner is a library with several additional facilities that contain information on knowledge about the economy and other issues. Meanwhile, there are 250 titles here. Some 50 of them are English books. In addition, there are LED televisions, a computer, reading sofa, and bookshelves,” Head of the West Kalimantan Bank Indonesia Office, Prijono, stated here on Saturday.

Prijono noted that the BI Corner on the border was the 11th in West Kalimantan, from the previous seven. The three others are in Singkawang, Mempawah, and Ketapang.

“The aim is to expand reading and financial literacy among students. Now, we are targeting the border area, so that Jagoi Babang also avails the BI Corner facility. Here there are many good books that students can read. Hence, we hope this is really utilized,” he remarked.

According to Prijono, the border area is the front porch of the Unitary State of Indonesia, or the NKRI. Hence, it is appropriate to have a face and adequate facilities.

“We will evaluate the use of the BI Corner here. If it is actively used, there is a possibility that the facilities will be added. We will target the border area and other remote areas for the BI Corner to make,” he noted.

At the inauguration of the BI Corner in Jagoi Babang Public High School 1, members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission XI from the West Kalimantan Electoral District, including G. Michael Jeno, were also present.

On the occasion, Jeno said this BI Corner will help to expand the scope of knowledge of students beyond textbooks. He also urged students in border areas to harbor an enthusiastic approach to learning and to increase their knowledge.

“Do not lose out to those in the city. Now is the digital age, and use it to increase your knowledge and insights,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Head of the Jagoi Babang High School 1 Sutan M. Sitompul noted that the BI Corner will be helpful to students, especially in terms of the collection of books on general knowledge of economics, banking, and centrality.

“We indeed lack a collection of books in the library. The addition of such books will be very useful. This especially holds true in terms of the inclusion of computer facilities, sofas, shelves, and LED TVs,” he added.

Source: ANTARA News