BI encourages QRIS utilization at five traditional markets in Papua


The Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Office in Papua has encouraged vendors at five traditional markets in Papua to conduct digital financial transactions through the use of the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS).

QRIS is the national QR code standard for facilitating payments using QR codes in Indonesia.

“In 2022, five markets have become the target for QRIS utilization, specifically three traditional markets in Jayapura City — Inpres, Hamadi, and Youtefa — as well as one (traditional market) in Biak and the Sentani traditional market in Jayapura District,” Deputy Head of the BI Representative Office in Papua Dedy Irianto stated after opening a focus group discussion (FGD) for the implementation of electronification of local government transactions here on Friday.

Irianto noted that contactless digital transactions are essential in the midst of rapid technological advances that continue to open doors for new opportunities in business.

He admitted that the QR code payment method had become more popular in Indonesia since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.

“QRIS is a digital-based non-cash transaction breakthrough from Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI),” he stated.

According to Irianto, the main purpose of using QRIS is to create a payment system that is easier for the public and enables regulators to conduct one-door monitoring.

“This is aimed at creating a payment system that is efficient and effective and refers to the main principles of the policy of payment system that is fast, easy, cheap, safe, and reliable,” he pointed out.

He remarked that the other pros of using QRIS are expediting transactions as well as making transactions easier, more affordable, reliable, and guaranteed safe, as they can be checked regularly by business players.

According to data, the Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Office in Papua is targeting 105 thousand transactions by using QRIS, and 70 thousand merchants utilize QRIS across Papua Province.

Source: Antara News