Bekasi urges ministry to investigate street name change

Bekasi, West Java (ANTARA News) – The Bekasi municipal government, West Java, urged the Communication and Information Ministry to investigate the change in name of a street in East Bekasi that was earlier called Dewi Sartika to honor the national figure.

“The change in street name from Dewi Sartika to Dewi Persik on Google Maps is a highly irresponsible act and very disserve,” Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi stated in Bekasi on Tuesday.

Effendi said there are three reasons that make it necessary to conduct an urgent investigation on Google Indonesia, as stated in the official letter on Tuesday.

He remarked that the act was highly irresponsible, as what they had changed was the name of a vital location in Bekasi City.

According to Effendi, Dewi Sartika is a national figure who was born in West Java and contributed significantly to the nation and hence should be respected.

“The change in street name from Dewi Sartika to Dewi Persik is an act of blasphemy and misleads the public regarding the street name,” he stated.

According to Effendi, the act was a clear violation of Law Number 19 of 2016 regarding changes in Law Number 11 of 2008 on electronic information and transaction.

Effendi said the urgent letter sent to Google is based on public complaints that his team had received on July 31 regarding the name change in East Bekasi.

“We hope the Ministry of Communication and Information, through the Information Application General Directorate, would seek a clarification and conduct an investigation on Google Indonesia over this incident,” he remarked.

The letter by the Bekasi government was sent to the Information Application General Directorate on Tuesday and was signed directly by Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi.

Source: Antara News