BEI of Jayapura office opens share investment clinic

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) – The representative office of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) in this Papua capital city has opened a clinic class for non active registered share investors.

“They need guidance especially as the share customers are different in type. Therefore, we open share investment class for them,” head of the BEI representative office of Jayapura Kresna Aditya Payokwa, said here on Tuesday.

Participants are told how to buy and sell shares, and how to analyze the marker trend, Kresna said.

“We open the share investment clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday . Now it is already the fifth group,” he said.

From the class it could be seen who among the investors more active in the share trade, he said, adding a prize is given to the most active traders.

The clinic is part of the program to promote share trading in a bid to increase the number of investors in BEI.

By January , 2017, BEI recorded 2,391 investors , up from 1,300 investors a year earlier.

The number of investors in Papua has continued to increase. Transactions in 2016 were valued at Rp1.3 trillion. Monthly transactions average Rp100 billion, he said.

Many of the investors at the Jayapura representative of BEI are not active, he said.

“Transactions in January 2017 were valued at Rp70 billion with active participants making up only 60 percent of the total number of registered investors,” he said.

Most of the people do not understand share trading. “BEI is new for them , therefore, we need to intensify socialization,” he added. (*)

Source: Antara News