Batam immigration detains five foreign nationals

The immigration office of Batam in Indonesian province of Riau Islands has detained five foreign nationals for allegedly violating immigration provisions.

They were detained during a law enforcement operation carried out at several locations here.

“Five persons suspected of violating immigration provisions are still undergoing the process of examination,” head of the Batam immigration office, Teguh Prayitno, stated here on Friday.

According to him, two foreign citizens hailing from the Peoples Republic of China committed fraud by posing as monks.

Both the women were detained from the Nagoya Shopping Complex while they were handing out special souvenirs to assistance providers, Teguh pointed out.

The Chinese citizens allegedly violated Article 122 (a) of Act 6 of 2011.

In addition, the Immigration office also arrested three British citizens from Batuampar for staying beyond the provision.

Source: Antara News