Baru Urban Village To Have 1,500 Biopore Infiltration Holes

1,500 biopore infiltration holes (LRB)s have been made in Baru Urban Village, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta.

Baru Urban Village Head, Ali Mansyur Siregar explained, LRB making is done to support East Jakarta’s program which is targeting to have one million LRBs by January 2019.

“End of this month, we are targeting to have 5,000 LRBs,” he said, Thursday (1/24).

Next week, his side is about to update number of biopore infiltration holes (LRB)s in all locations, including school, puskesmas (community health center), and others.

“We are targeting 100 LRBs in puskesmas and 3,000 LRBs in all schools from elementary, junior, and senior high,” he mentioned.

Source: Berita Jakarta