Bangladesh seeks Danish solutions to city water, sanitation, waste-management

“We need countries like Denmark to come forward and assist Bangladesh with solutions in water, sanitation and waste-management,” he said, while speaking at a global forum in Copenhagen.

The Danish embassy in Dhaka on Tuesday said the mayor took part in a panel discussion on Monday in the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) in Copenhagen.

He stressed how big cities and their political leaders could increase resource efficiency and inspire citizens.

Denmark is globally acclaimed for its expertise in green issues. It has planned to become the world’s first country to completely replace fossil fuel by renewable energy by 2050.

The new Bangladesh embassy is also focused on bringing technology to Dhaka, ambassador Muhammad A Muhith recently told

The 3GF is a platform where governments, businesses, investors and international organisations convene to discuss innovative collaborations and tangible green solutions.

The Danish government initiated such meetings in 2011 in collaboration with South Korea and Mexico.

The mayor also visited Danish consultancy firm Ramboll, which works world-wide offering sustainable solutions for city waste-management, water and energy efficiency, city planning, and urban design.
Source: BD News 24