Bangkalan to develop halal tourism


Jakarta Bangkalan District, East Java, will pursue halal tourism to rebuild the economy during the post-pandemic period, and to this end, it has received full support from Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

During a discussion with the academic community and tourism and creative economy players at Trunojoyo University Madura, Bangkalan, East Java, on April 1, Uno stated that the concept of halal tourism focused on a broader scope of services that employed three concepts: the need to have, good to have, and nice to have.

Need to have meant that a destination has facilities, such as proper places of worship and halal food. Good to have aims to offer a memorable and different experience for tourists or visitors.

Meanwhile, nice to have meant that halal tourism in Indonesia must be able to compete with other countries.

“Halal tourism is an additional service or extended service. There are three categories of services, the first being the availability of halal food, places of worship, water-friendly washrooms, and no Islamophobia. Then, (there must be) good to have and nice to have (aspects),” he noted as quoted from in his official broadcast on Saturday.

He stated that the concept was translated into five components: halal hotels, halal transportation, halal food, halal tour packages, and halal finance.

“Bangkalan itself already has supporting infrastructure capital holistically, such as the Islamic Science Park, which will be built later on. We believe that halal tourism will stimulate the economy in Greater Madura and (offer) business opportunities in the tourism and creative economy sectors,” he stated.

Source: Antara News