Bali police tighten security ahead of IMF-Wolrd Bank meeting

Denpasar, Bali, (ANTARA News) – Police in Bali have tightened security against infiltration of terrorist to the island, which will host the next annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF and the World Bank in October this year.

Bali police have set up a task force to detect possible infiltration of terrorists backed up by the polices anti terror squad (Densus 88), Bali police chief spokesman Sr.Com. Henky Widjaja said here on Friday.

Henky said Bali police chief Ins.Gen.Petrus R. Golose has passed an order to act firmly by shooting terrorist on the spot if necessary.

“The regional police chief has issued an order not to hesitate in taking firm actions against terrorism,” he said.

He said police are busy not only in Bali, but all over the country to track down suspected terrorists.

“Currently, Bali is peaceful as police have continued to launch anti terrorist and anti criminality operations,” he said.

He said police and the military regularly hold security simulation ahead of the IMF-World Bank meeting every week .

Security officers and liaison officers have been made ready for the security of the delegations to the big meeting, he said.

“Police personnel from the Police Headquarters and East Java police are also involved for the security of the IMF World Bank meeting,” he said.

In the event of obstacles, police already have Plan B to take mitigation steps, he said, adding Interpol is not involved.

“Cooperation with Interpol is needed only in dealing with criminals in the watch list,” he added.

Between 12,000 to 15,000 people are expected to attend the Annual Meetings, including about 3,500 delegates from 189 member countries, roughly 1,000 media representatives, and more than 5,000 participants representing the private sector, the banking community, academic institutions, civil society organizations, and also observers and parliamentarians.

Indonesia hopes to gain from hosting the meeting in drawing more tourists to the country.

The government has prepared tour packages for the delegates with visits to a number of major tourist destinations.

Source: ANTARA News