Bakauheni-Bojonegara BBJ Port route readied as alternative crossing


The route from Bakauheni Bandar Bakau Jaya (BBJ) Port (Lampung) to Bojonegara BBJ Port (Banten) has been prepared as an alternative crossing to anticipate a surge in returning Eid al-Fitr traffic this year. In addition, the Panjang Port (Lampung)-Ciwandan Port (Banten) route has been prepared as an alternative crossing, head of the Lampung Regional Police, Inspector General Hendro Sugiatno, informed here on Friday.

“If the red status (traffic congestion) occurs at Bakauheni Port, it (the traffic) will be immediately diverted to Bakauheni BBJ Port,” he added.

He said that the BBJ Port crossing lane would be prioritized for passengers coming from the eastern and central Sumatra arterial roads.

Currently, the Bakauheni BBJ Port is handling large goods vehicles crossing, the regional police head noted.

“However, if it becomes crowded due to the diverted Eid al-Fitr exodus travelers, we will temporarily stop the crossing activity for the logistics vehicles since the travelers are our priority amid this returning period,” Sugiatno stated.

Four ships have been prepared to serve the Bakauheni BBJ Port-Bojonegara BBJ Port route, with a total capacity of 800 units of four-wheeled vehicles per day, he informed.

“There are two ships readied at Bakauheni BBJ Port and another two ships prepared at Bojanegara BBJ Port. Thus, the alternative route has been well-prepared as an anticipatory attempt,” he added.

Earlier, to anticipate a surge in the returning Eid al-Fitr traffic at the Sunda Strait crossing, the Transportation Ministry had prepared the two alternative crossing lanes.

The first one, the 26-mile Bakauheni BBJ Port-Bojonegara BBJ Port stretch, will take four hours to cover.

Meanwhile, the Panjang Port-Ciwandan Port route spans 60 miles. Six vessels serve the route—Motor Vessel (MV) Mutiara Ferrindo VII, MV Mutiara Berkah I, MV Ciremai, MV Kumala, MV Titian Nusantara, and MV Panorama.

Source: Antara News