Athlete’s Village Hospital records lowest COVID cases in one year

The number of patients receiving treatment at the Athlete’s Village Emergency COVID-19 Hospital reached 556 as of Monday (September 13, 2021), the lowest level in the last year, the hospital’s coordinator said.

The occupancy rate at the hospital has touched 7.04 percent, Military Major General Tugas Ratmono told reporters in Jakarta on Monday.

“Thank God. This is the result of the efforts from all parties; hopefully, the number will continue to go down,” he said.

Although the number has seen a significant decline, which indicates the virus’ fading presence in the community, people must remain alert and disciplined in implementing the health protocols, he added.

During the peak of infections, the number of COVID patients receiving treatment at the emergency hospital had, at one point, reached a high of 7,167, he observed.

“If we look at the peak, which happened on June 30 (2021), with 7,167 patients, surely the number with 556 patients should be acknowledged,” he added.

Since it was established on March 23, 2020, the emergency hospital has treated 98,646 inpatients and 100,037 outpatients, he disclosed. Meanwhile, the recovery rate reached 98.16 percent, he added.

The flattening COVID-19 graph is a sign of the pandemic slowing down, Ratmono said.

“We hope the number stays under 500 patients. When that is achieved, the pandemic will become endemic,” he added.

He then reiterated the importance of maintaining the health protocols to ensure that there is no new spike in cases in the country.

“We all need to maintain the health protocols. The possibility of new, more infectious variants emerging is still not closed. Awareness and implementation of the health protocols still need to be implemented by everyone,” Ratmono said, adding that those who have been vaccinated still need to strictly implement the health protocols as well.

Source: Antara News

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