Asian Games (pencak silat) – Indonesias womens group bags gold medal

Jakarta(ANTARA News) – Indonesia won another gold medal in Pencak Silat, as Pramudya Yuristya/Lutfi Nurhasanah/Gina Tri Lestari emerged champions in the womens group finals at the 2018 Asian Games in Taman Mini Indonesia Indahs Padepokan Pencak Silat, Jakarta, Wednesday.

The trio Yuristya/Nurhasanah/Lestari secured the highest score of 466, only two points more than their Vietnamese opponents Thi Thu Ha Nguyen/Thi Huyen Nguyen/Thi Binh Voung, who got 464 points, and ended up with the silver medal.

The third place is currently occupied by Thai athletes As Ma Jeh Ma/Yuweeta Samahoh/Ruhana Chearbuli, as they got 448 points and won the bronze medal.

In this category, Pencak Silat athletes have to appear energetic and with their teammates in performing their stances.

The Indonesian group was unable to finish all their techniques in the allotted three minutes and went pass the clock by a second. However, the score given by the referee judge was still higher as compared to their opponents.

Three gold medals were contested in the arts number of Pencak Silat in the mens individual, womens doubles, and womens group categories.

Meanwhile, five gold medals are up for grabs in the fight categories for the mens J class 90-95 kg, mens F class 70-75 kg, womens D class 60-65 kg, womens C class 55-60 kg, and womens B class 50-60 kg.

Source: ANTARA News