Artificial insemination for 2,000 female cows in Karawang

The district administration of Karawang, West Java, will carry out artificial insemination for 2,000 female cows in 2017.

“Artificial insemination will help the West Java administration in meeting its target of food self sufficiency in 2019,” head of the Karawang district Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry office Kadarisman said here.

Kadarisman said West Java has yet to rely on other regions for beef supply, adding beef for Karawang itself is still supplied from other areas.

“Therefore, we have to increase our production of beef to stop dependence on supply from other regions,” he said.

He said artificial insemination would continue to be in the agenda of the district administration from year to year starting 2017.

The program, hopefully, would significantly increase beef production in in West Java, especially in Karawang, he said without giving figures.

He only said the artificial insemination program is expected to help cover at least 75 percent of beef requirement in Karawang.

“God willing our beef production would continue to increase from year to year,” he added.+

Source: Antara News