Army chief of staff inspects patrol troops at RI-PNG border

Internal Affairs

Indonesian Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurrachman inspected army officers of the 123/RW Infantry Battalion currently assigned for the border security mission at the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border.

Abdurrachman, during his inspection of a post of the 123/RW Infantry Battalion task force in Sota Sub-district, Merauke District, Papua, on Tuesday, stated that the inspection is conducted to observe the condition of troops deployed for the assignment.

“I am on purpose observing you here, so I will know about the issues and deficiencies that you are facing to help us conceive measures to address the issues,” Abdurrachman remarked as quoted in his press statement.

He then reiterated his Order of the Day to 123/RW Infantry Battalion that officers of the Indonesian Army must be present among residents to address and offer solutions to issues affecting them.

The Army chief of staff then vouched to support the infantry battalion while expressing optimism that relevant government ministries and institutions would offer their support to the officers to ensure that the Army’s activities for the people ran smoothly.

“Your presence here must have a positive impact on locals by helping them because the Indonesian Army is from the people, by the people, and for the people, and that is why you are stationed here,” Abdurrachman remarked.

He instructed army troops stationed for the border security mission to maintain their health and physical prowess, prioritize security and safety while conducting their mission, and continue to engage in communication with families that they left at their home base.

Chief of Staff Assistant for Territorial Affairs, XVII/Cenderawasih Military District Commander, Chairwoman of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Army wives organization, and other army officials accompanied Abdurrachman during his visit.

Source: Antara News