Army blocks entrances to Nablus area villages

The Israeli military blocked on Tuesday with dirt entrances to two villages in the Nablus area, according to local officials.

Yousef Deirieh, member of the anti-settlement committee in the Nablus area, told WAFA that the army closed entrances to Aqraba and Usarin, south of Nablus.

He said residents will now have to take longer roads to reach Nablus and other places.

In addition to these two villages, the army closed Monday night roads leading to Beita, Udala, Enabous and Bourin in addition to several side roads in Hawwara, all south of Nablus.

Most of these roads were reopened only last week after being closed for a while under the pretext Palestinian threw rocks from these areas at Israeli settlers’ vehicles driving on the roads adjacent to them.

Source: WAFA