Anti-graft body outlines corruption potentials in regions

Internal Affairs

Deputy Head of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Nuruf Ghufron outlined corruption potentials in regions during the Riau Islands-level integrated corruption eradication coordination meeting here on Thursday.

“According to the result of the Integrity Evaluation Survey (SPI) conducted by the KPK, corruption in the procurement of goods and services had the highest score within the list of corruption risks that regional institutions face,” he noted

Moreover, corruption in promotion, misuse of office facilities, intervention, and bribery are included in the scope of corruption risks that can increase in regional institutions.

At the meeting, Gufron also noted that in the Monitoring Centre of Prevention (MCP) in 2022, there were eight vulnerable areas in corruption eradication at the regional government level.

These areas comprise regional budget planning and budgeting, state civil apparatus (ASN) management, regional tax optimization, and government’s internal supervisory apparatus (APIP) monitoring.

In addition, the other areas were the permit process, region-owned goods management, village finance management, procurement of goods and services, and public services.

“We stress that as long as the regional governments are committed to running the MPC with dedication to develop their regions, only then can the KPK be a friend of regional heads,” he remarked.

“However, if there are regional heads, who violate this commitment, then the KPK would not hesitate to take stringent action,” he affirmed.

He also pressed for active participation from the public, businessmen, legislative branch officials, and journalists to continue to voice out corruption prevention efforts.

“The goal is to free regional governments from corruption,” Gufron emphasized.

Meanwhile, Riau Islands Governor Ansar Ahmad is committed to preventing corruption in his government. He will immediately follow-up on all reports delivered by Gufron during the meeting.

The Riau Islands provincial government is currently formulating the Corruption Education Regional Regulation as an effort to prevent corruption early.

Moreover, the provincial government will form the Anti-Corruption Task Force by involving various related parties.

Source: Antara News