Ankara receives no funds from EU to upkeep Syrian refugees (exclusive)

To date, Turkey hasn’t received 3 billion euros from the European Union (EU) to upkeep the Syrian refugees, Turkey’s Presidential Administration told Trend May 11.

Instead of allocating the promised funds, the EU demands from Ankara to implement new social projects for Syrian refugees in Turkey, said the presidential administration.

The country has already spent around $10 billion to upkeep the Syrian refugees, said the presidential administration.

Earlier, Turkey’s Minister for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkir said that by late February, Ankara will get 3 billion euros allocated by the EU to upkeep the Syrian refugees in Turkey.

At present, over 2 million Syrian refugees are in Turkey. The Syrian refugee camps in the country accommodate about 300,000 people. The rest of them are spread throughout the provinces and cities of Turkey. In Istanbul alone, there are currently 40,000 refugees from Syria.

Source: Trend