Aneka Tambang records highest production, sale

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesias mining company PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) recorded the highest production and sale of ferronickel in history with its performance in 2016.

Antams president Tedy Badrujaman in an official statement on Monday (Jan 30) pointed out that in 2016, the company recorded ferronickel production amounting to 20,293 tons, while the sales amounted to 20,888 tons.

“The record achievement in ferronickel production and sales is a solid foundation for us to continue to expand nickel production. In addition to nickel, Antam also continues to enhance the growth of other major commodities, namely gold and bauxite,” he said.

He is optimistic that the fundamental of the company will be more solid in 2017, with improvement in operation performance, cost reduction and innovations.

Throughout 2016, Antams ferronickel production volume amounted to 20,293 tons, up 18 percent compared to that in 2015 when it amounted to 17,211 tons.

Meanwhile, the ferronickel sales in 2016 amounted to 20,888 tons, up 12 percent compared to that in 2015 when it amounted to 18,643 tons.

“The increasing volume of ferronickel production is supported by the completion of Pomalaa ferronickel plant project and the transformers of FeNi II that has been put into operation in May 2016,” he stated.

For gold, in 2016, Antams production volume from Pongkor and Cibaliung (West Java) mining amounted to 2,208 kilograms with sales amounting to 10,227 kilograms.

“Antam aims to optimize the sale of gold using a variety of innovations, one of them being jewelry products with batik motif. Antam also continues to increase its marketing at home and abroad,” he remarked, adding that Antam was exploring several markets in Asia and Africa.

For the domestic market, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Indonesias post company PT Pos Indonesia to use 109 post offices in Java, Bali, Madura, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara as partners for sales, payment and distribution of precious metal products.

Tedy added that to support the improvement of gold reserves and resources, the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on the technological development in the field of geological exploration related to metallic mineral resources, especially gold.

Antam has also entered a strategic alliance with Newcrest Mining Limited for exploration of gold and copper deposits in several regions in Indonesia, namely West Java, East Java, South Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, North Maluku and Maluku Islands.

Source: Antara News