All should accept MK ruling for upholding Indonesia’s unity: pastor

Timika, Papua The Constitutional Court’s (MK’s) ruling on the presidential election result dispute to be announced, Thursday, must be accepted and respected by all nation’s elements for maintaining Indonesia’s unity, a revered priest in Papua Province stated.

“All parties can express their views on or judge the court’s ruling, but they must bow to and respect it,” Head of the Mimika Presbytery of the Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) in West Papua Pastor Lewi Sawor told ANTARA here on Wednesday.

In this way, the nation will be able to steer clear from the dangers threatening Indonesia’s unity, Sawor remarked, adding that the people, at large, including those residing in Papua Province, had watched on television the court’s week-long hearing on the dispute.

As a church institution, GKI’s Mimika Presbytery is also accountable for maintaining the integrity of the nation and state. Hence, the church wholeheartedly supports the MK’s nine judges for reaching a fair decision.

“God and Indonesians trust the court’s judges to serve as the guardians to safeguard the dignity of the State Constitution,” he stated.

Ultimately, the court’s judicial panel will take a decision on whether they accept or reject the petition filed by the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno pair to challenge the recent presidential election result, he stated.

As a result, some parties will be satisfied with the court’s ruling, while others might disagree with it. However, they all were urged to accept the MK’s decision, Sawor emphasized.

The Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) has also put forth a similar message to the nation’s elements, especially Muslims, from across the archipelago.

The MK spokesman Fajar Laksono had earlier remarked that the court’s nine judges will take their final decision on Thursday, or a day earlier than June 28, the date set to announce the ruling.

The MK has accrued facts from both camps during a week-long hearing on the presidential election dispute held since Friday (June 14), and a Consultative Meeting of Judges (RPH) had been underway since June 23 to seek the opinions of all judges, he remarked.

Source: Antara News