All four crewmen of cargo aircraft found dead in Papua mountain

A rescue team has arrived at the location where the wreckage of a cargo aircraft found shattered in the Papua mountain, with four bodies of all crew members of the aircraft, around 6 kilometers from Ilaga the capital of the Puncak regency.

The team was preparing for the evacuation of the four bodies of the crewmen from the location 12,800 feet above the sea level to Timika.

No people on board the aircraft other then the four crewmen including pilot Captain Fahmi Parhat (56) and co-pilot R Fendy Ardianto (38), Steven David Basari (35) as EOB and Endri Baringin Sakti P (40) as FOO.

The Canadian made DHC4 PK-SWW aircraft carrying 3.1 tons of building materials had apparently crashed on the mountain side on its way from Timika to Ilaga on Monday.

Source: Antara News