Ahoks legal team presents three experts in blasphemy trial

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – A legal team of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) presented three experts during a hearing of the blasphemy trial at the Agriculture Ministrys auditorium here, Tuesday.

“The ongoing trial will feature experts from the legal team,” Humphrey Djemat, a member of Ahoks legal team, stated here, Tuesday.

It is the 15th hearing of his trial held at the North Jakarta District Court.

The witnesses are Ahmad Ishomuddin, an expert on Islamic issues; Rahayu Surtiati Hidayat, an expert on the Indonesian language; and C. Djisman Samosir, a criminal laws.

Ahok was accused of blasphemy against the Islamic Holy Book of Al Quran when he made a speech in Seribu Islands, northern Jakarta, last September.

During his speech, Ahok claimed that the voters had been lied to by those citing sura Al Maida verse 51 of the Al Quran.

Source: Antara News