Agricultural Development Implemented in Payung Island

Thousand Islands Urban Village implements agricultural development on one hectare land in Payung Island, South Thousand Islands.

” We develop crops like vegetables and fruits”

Tidung Island Urban Village Head, Cecep Suryadi stated, his side cooperates with Payung Island farmers group (Poktan) by preparing farm in Payung Island, Tidung Island Urban Village, South Thousand Islands to be one of Thousand Island’s sources for food security and greening.

“We develop crops like vegetables and fruits,” he mentioned, Saturday (2/23).

There are water spinach, bok choy, cucumber, eggplant, chili pepper, and spinach for vegetables while melon, water melon, breadfruit for fruit. His side also develops indigofera plants and uses it for goat feed.

Crop yields are used for local consumption needs and some crops such as water spinach are sold with price Rp 2,000/bunch outside of Payung Islands, such as Tidung Island and Pramuka Island.

Source: Berita Jakarta