Aceh police foil attempt of smuggling 480 kg of hashish

Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA News) – Police in Gayo Lues district, Aceh province, has arrested a 59-year old farmer on charge of smuggling 480 kilograms of hashish.

“The suspect has been arrested, along with 480 kilograms of hashish in front of Blangkejeren police station in Gayo Lues on Saturday (July 29) at around 07.30 p.m. local time,” spokesman for the Aceh provincial police Senior Commissioner Goenawan said here on Sunday.

The police also seized a L300 pickup and a mobile phone from the suspect, identified by his initial as S.

The suspect was arrested after the police received on Saturday (July 29) a tip-off from the public that a L300 pickup carrying hashish would move past the police station.

“Based on the tip-off, personnel of the crime investigation unit at the Gayo Lues district police spied on the car and stopped it in front of the Blangkejeren police station,” he said.

Police officers later searched the car and found 480 kilograms of hashish, he said.

“At that time the suspect, along with evidence was detained at the Gayo Lues district police station and later was handed over to the drug crime investigation unit at the Gayo Lues district police for further investigation,” he said.

Source: Antara News