Aceh police destroy two hectares of marijuana

Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) – Aceh Besar Police have destroyed two hectares of marijuana plantation that were ready to be harvested in Gampong Ateuk, Seulimeum district of Aceh Besar.

“The marijuana plantation was discovered by Aceh Besar police on Tuesday at 13.00 pm local time. But the police could neither find its owner nor the farmers who planted them,” Aceh police spokesman Senior Commissioner Goenawan said here on Wednesday.

A team of Aceh Besar police conducted an investigation in the field on Wednesday and found that some 10 thousand marijuana plants were grown in the area, reaching 1.5 meters in height, Goenawan stated.

The plants were some five-months old, and some of them had already been harvested, he added.

“The police burned the marijuana plants and took 100 plants to Aceh Besar police precinct for further investigation,” he remarked.

The police have also questioned local villagers to spot the land owner and farmers who planted the marijuana in the land.

“The police have tried to find the owner and farmer. We also called on local residents to report on any suspicious activities in their area,” Goenawan noted.

Source: Antara News