Aceh is Jokowis second home: Kristiyanto

Melaboh, Aceh (ANTARA News) – Hasto Kristiyanto, Secretary of the National Campaign Team (TKN) of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) – Maruf Amin, stated that Aceh was a “second home” for Jokowi, as he had a long history of pursuing his career in Aceh.

” Aceh is extraordinary for Pak Jokowi. In his view, Aceh is very important, because it is his second home. Aceh is where he pursued his career,” he said, when interviewed at Meukuta Meulaboh caf?, on Wednesday night.

He noted that Jokowi considered Aceh to be very important, even though it was known that the percentage of voters in the province in the 2019 Election was relatively small compared to the provinces of Java and Sumatra.

However, Kristiyanto noted that there is another side proven by the westernmost province of Indonesia in the history of national civilization. Aceh is the gateway to the progress of the Pase Ocean kingdom, and the spread of Islam originated in Aceh.

“Jokowi knows that according to history, Aceh is the gateway to the advancement of the Samudera Pase kingdom and Islamic dissemination started from Aceh,” he added.

Kristiyanto remarked that Jokowi deeply understood all heroic deeds of the Acehnese people, which were so extraordinary. The people were friendly and polite during meetings with the community and scholars in Aceh.

“The new target will be discussed after we have traveled around Aceh and met with the community and leaders and scholars. Later, we will set the target (the target for votes for the presidential candidate – vice presidential candidate Jokowi-Amin),” he added.

Jokowi and Amin visited the southwest coast of Aceh, initially landing at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Aceh Besar, followed by a visit to Aceh Jaya, West Aceh, Nagan Raya. They plan to visit several other regions too.

Kristiyanto, accompanied by Deputy Chairperson of the MUI KH Lukmanul Hakim, was the Special Envoy of KH Maruf Amin, another companion, Ustadz Ali Assegaf, Habib Sholeh Al Muhdar, H Zainal Arifin, and PDIP Candidates Zuhairi Misrawi and Ramon Dony Adam.

Source: Antara News