95 Biopore Infiltration Holes Targeted To Be Made In Kramat Jati Sub-District

This year, Kramat Jati Sub-district, East Jakarta, is targeting to make 95 thousand biopore infiltration holes (LRB)s. In the last two weeks, 15,500 LRBs have been made.

Kramat Jati Sub-distric Head, Eka Darmawan stated, this target is made to support East Jakarta’s one million biopore infiltration holes program. “We have made 15,500 biopore infiltration holes within these two weeks. We will encourage more people to make biopore infiltration holes continuously,” he conveyed, Monday (1/14).

According to him, biopore infiltration holes help to accelerate rain water infiltration into soil. Thus increasing groundwater reserves are expected to avoid drought.

This biopore infiltration hole’s depth is 80 centimeters with diameter 20 centimeters. Then it is closed using a perforated lid.

Source: Berita Jakarta