91 national strategic projects completed in 2019: Ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Ninety-one strategic national projects have been completed in 2019, from the total of 223 projects, according to the Presidential Decree number 56 of 2018, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has said.

“We hope at the tail end of this year we can add two more projects to the list,” the Deputy for Coordination of Infrastructure Acceleration and Regional Development from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Wahyu Utomo, said in the 2019 Year End Telemathics discussion in Jakarta, Monday.

The two projects that will be completed at the end of this year include the road infrastructure and the airport train at Adi Soemarmo Airport in Solo, Central Java, which means the total projects still under construction reach 87 percent.

“Some of the projects that are still under construction have been operating partly even though they have yet to be completed,” he said.

One of the major projects that have been completed this year is the Palapa Ring project that connects 34 provinces through optical fiber with broadband networks, he continued.

In 2020, there will be 141 infrastructure projects to be completed in the list of national strategic projects, he stated.

In addition to 223 national strategic projects, there are three additional programs, namely the electricity program and the aircraft industry program and economic equality, the date from the Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Provision (KPPIP) said.

The funding for all projects, scattered across Indonesia, is expected to reach Rp4.183 trillion.

The 223 projects include toll road constructions, national roads as well as railway infrastructures and facilities within and between cities, according to the Presidential Decree number 56 of 2018, on the alteration of Presidential Decree number 58 of 2017.

There are also airport revitalisations, construction of new airports, a program for one million homes, oil rig development, waste-to-energy projects, and gas pipe/LPG terminal projects.

Projects for drinking water, water networks and dams, flood-resistant dams, special economic zones and priority industry areas, tourism, smelter, fisheries and marine, as well as educational infrastructure projects are also included in the list.

Source: Antara News